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Building a Virtual SAN Using VMware® ESX Internal Storage

LeftHand Networks'Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA) opens the door for SMB and remote office sites to create and manage a secure, cost-effective, and fail-safe iSCSI SAN by simply leveraging existing direct attached storage (DAS) on ESX Servers.

Beyond providing an iSCSI SAN that ESX servers and any other clients can leverage, the LeftHand Networks Virtual SAN Appliance creates a highly automated SAN that imposes very little management overhead. Through the creation of a management hierarchy to virtualize resources and an automation scheme within that hierarchy, SAN/IQ creates a high-availability scenario that can easily be managed by system administrators in a small business' IT environment or via a lights-out management hardware located at a remote branch office.


Jack Fegreus Chief Technology Officer, openBench Labs Jack Fegreus is Chief Technology Officer at openBench Labs, which consults with a number of independent publications. He currently serves as CTO of Strategic Communications, Editorial Director of Open magazine and contributes to InfoStor and Virtualization Strategy. He has served as Editor in Chief of Data Storage, BackOffice CTO, Client/Server Today, and Digital Review. Previously Jack served as a consultant to Demax Software and was IT Director at Riley Stoker Corp. Jack holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics and worked on the application of computers to symbolic logic.
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This resource is no longer available.