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Improving Agile Development with Continuous Build Scripts & Build Avoidance


Because agile methodologies have not completely matured, some aspects of the process are still founded in the more traditional waterfall approaches, such as static compile and link build scripts. Static scripts of this nature do not fit well into a process that should be iterative and non-stop. Agile developers must re-think how to more efficiently deliver compile and link build scripts that can adapt to quickly changing source code.


This white paper discusses how agile developers can realize the full benefits of continuous integration. Learn how to develop build scripts that are adaptable, based on reusable templates and can quickly regenerate build scripts to reflect changes in source code. Learn how to incorporate incremental build processing, called build avoidance, into the continuous integration build so that the compile and link build script can execute a build that reflects incremental changes of agile source code development.


Steve Taylor Chief Technology Officer, OpenMake Software Mr. Taylor is Chief Technology Officer of OpenMake Software and the architect of OpenMake Meister, the leading commercial build management tool. He is an experienced senior developer serving 20 years in both distributed and mainframe application development. In this capacity, Mr. Taylor became expert in the use of configuration management and release tools and recognized the need for a solid, unscripted repeatable build process. At this time he began developing the build procedures which have since become Meister. Mr. Taylor received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science/Mathematics from the University of Illinois-CU.
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22 Apr 2008
01 Apr 2008
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This resource is no longer available.