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Improving Operational Efficiency and Business Performance in Midsize Retailers

This webcast reveals the new challenges facing today's mid size retailer. Many key in-store, back office systems and applications have been added to address one critical need or another over the years. Many are now over 7 years old. The job they were engineered to do may not meet the new requirements of a demand driven (and efficient) supply chain, or the efficient management of inventory and store replenishment, or meeting many new, and ever changing business requirements.

In this webcast you will learn how to address:

1. Extending the capabilities of aging in store systems
2. Cross channel integration (store, catalog and web operations sharing common inventory and systems)
3. Inventory management (supply chain collaboration, and using POS data to you're vendors manage "their" inventory in your stores and DCs)
4. Store replenishment (internal integration and collaboration of systems and processes)
5. Rapidly responding to market opportunities with your existing IT team and your existing skills.

Who should attend this Retail-focused event:

  • Retail managers with responsibility for:
    • store replenishment
    • inventory optimization
    • supplier collaboration
    • maximizing usage and value of internal systems and applications
  • IT mangers at retail, CPG, Grocery Supply or 3PLs who want to contribute to reducing excess inventory, improve organizations efficiency and use demand data to drive supplier performance
  • IT executives who have functional resources committed to manually accessing data, re-keying data, extended order creation processes, and inaccurate or IT and Business managers of companies selling to retailers who need to know who to add the maximum value to customer relationships by using demand data to insure order accuracy and superior supply chain performance
  • Executives who need to understand the impact, and the advantages, of business integration for their organization, and how to take advantage of B2B technology to address business problems
  • Incomplete data on orders, inventory and shipments


Jim O'Leary EXTOL Jim O'Leary is an accomplished high-tech marketing executive with eighteen years of software and services marketing experience in integration and enterprise middleware, application development environments, database management systems, and other software technologies. Rob Garf AMR Analyst Rob Garf leads AMR Research's Retail Strategies Service. He brings more than 15 years of experience with leading retail organizations to his role as vice president. Rob advises line-of-business and technology executives regarding store and cross-channel operations. He covers specific processes and technologies such as workforce and task management, customer intelligence and loyalty, advanced selling strategies, and cross-channel operations. Prior to joining AMR Research, Rob worked for several retailers in various parts of the organization, including home office, call center, warehouse, and stores. Most recently, Rob led cross-channel system development and marketing at Lids, a leading cross-channel specialty retailer. Rob is a frequent speaker at retail events and has been quoted as an expert in trade and top tier publications, such as RIS News, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and Internet Retailer.
EXTOL International, Inc.
Apr 30, 2008, 14:00 EDT (18:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.