Two Billion Entry Directory Benchmark

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Oracle Internet Directory (OID) is Oracle's LDAP V3 compliant directory server. OID is designed for high-performance, high-availability applications using Oracle Database for data storage. OID deployments can be scaled across a range of hardware architectures, including SMP, NUMD and Clusters.

This benchmark evaluates OID performance under scales and throughput rates representative of those encountered in production use in both the communications industry and as part of large scale delivery architectures (e.g., those supporting social networking or e-commerce sites).

The benchmark was conducted on a single OID directory instance with two billion entries, each entry containing 19 attributes. Benchmarks were performed using SGI Altrix 4700 server, with 32 dual core Itanium2 CPUs (1.6GHZ) and 256 GB RAM, running Linux.
Oracle Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Mar 1, 2008
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