Raytheon Open Source Performance Advantages

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By partnering with Univa, Raytheon, a leader in High Performance Computing and Mission Systems Integration, created a best-of-breed solution for scalable, robust and time-critical data movement, file virtualization, and storage and security challenges. With a rapidly increasing need for secure and reliable virtual data movement, the Team wanted to integrate the GridFTP service from Univa UD to streamline processing. The project requirements were met by GridFTP on both the capability front as well as the advantages inherent in adopting open source frameworks as a baseline for internal development. This decision turned out to be excellent as the need was even greater than anticipated. Once the full scope of the project was further understood, Univa UD experts created and implemented a custom client to their GridFTP infrastructure that enabled the Univa UD and Raytheon team to move large amounts of data over high bandwidth links in an exceedingly efficient manner. Topics: Grid computing security storage clustering data center management network management
Univa UD
Feb 8, 2021
Apr 3, 2008
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