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VW Credit, Inc.: A Contact Center Making a Difference in Customer Service and Collections

The VCI team decided to implement the workforce management and campaign management capabilities of the PerformanceEdge™ suite of applications. Implementing Aspect eWorkforce Management and its Perform enhancement for real-time adherence along with the easy integration to the existing Aspect CallCenter ACD, enabled VCI to optimize its agent performance by allowing better forecasting and more accurate planning, as well as more effective scheduling. The real-time adherence capability of Aspect eWorkforce Management - Perform, responsible for collecting complex agent data, has helped VCI get the most from its staffing efforts.

By integrating the workforce management product with Aspect® Customer Self Service™, VCI was able to automate some customer processes, such as bill payment and access to account information. At the same time, VCI added Aspect® Enterprise Contact Server™ to create screen pops of customer account information for the agents and to help route the customers to the right agents with the right skill-sets to handle their calls.

VCI has seen increased productivity and revenue, improved customer service and agent performance, reduced staffing and operations costs, increased profits and customer satisfaction, as well as rapid return on investment. Specifically, VCI has seen an 80 percent reduction in the time supervisors spend managing agent schedules. VCI was able to reduce the average speed of answer by 138 seconds in the customer care group and by 60 seconds in the customer accounts group. They have also enjoyed a 23 percent increase in service levels - based on the percentage of calls that are answered within 60 seconds.
28 Mar 2008
01 Sep 2007
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This resource is no longer available.