ASG-Rochade the Leading Metadata Repository

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ASG-Rochade is a metadata management solution for large and medium-sized organizations. It is a strategic, facilitating technology that manages information about data and systems across your enterprise. Being a leader in the market, ASG-Rochade excels at improving understanding, communications, and productivity for business and technical users. It provides the context for information to help ensure that it is accurate, reliable, and thoroughly understood when making a decision that involves diverse sources of data.

ASG-Rochade provides a streamlined process for centralizing the management of metadata from sources throughout the enterprise. From a single, centralized, and easily accessible location, ASG-Rochade can store, interrelate, and disseminate information customized to every user's perspective. It supports the reconciliation of business and design models, integration of different tools, and resolution of conflicts in data definitions. It also provides versioning, configuration management, and security to support your overall metadata management strategy. These unique capabilities have been used to solve many business problems related to communication and understanding in areas such as Data Warehouse, Component/Object Management, Enterprise Architecture, and Portfolio Management.
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Feb 8, 2021
Mar 1, 2008
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