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Why an Output Management Solution Will save You Money

Output management saves the enterprise money by centralizing control of the output environment directly with IT professionals trained to efficiently resolve problems. People resources and time are required to resolve printer, fax, email, and other output issues. The value of output management is, in fact, in reducing direct human intervention and thereby lowering your costs. But this is only the beginning of the hard dollar savings and benefits you can expect to realize.

Using enterprise-level output management will reduce a large part of the human element needed to distribute output because the output management system itself will automate and perform a large part of the distribution. Equally as important, the software will distribute to not just printers, but to fax, email, and PDA, yielding ancillary savings by conserving consumables such as paper and ink.

An effective document output management solution will save you money. A complete document output management product will provide the enterprise with the following: 1) assured delivery and management of documents and reports including those generated by ERP applications such as SAP and Oracle; 2) the power to combine many output jobs into a more efficient single print run; 3) conversely, the ability to automatically "burst" and electronically re-distribute large reports in real time; and 4) add-on features such as the ability to implement full charge-back, quota controls and data audits. These four elements result in simplified administration, easy output destination management, decreased strain on IT resources, and better resource control throughout IT print environments. The right document output management product can lead to substantial savings for the enterprise.
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14 Nov 2008
01 Jul 2007
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This resource is no longer available.