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Best Practices for Public Folders to SharePoint Migration

As with all migrations, they can prove difficult and unsuccessful if they lack the proper upfront planning and/or management afterwards. Many times, it is not the fault of the software tools utilized for a migration, but through lack of proper understanding and planning for the migration. Tools from Quest Software, like Public Folder Migrator for SharePoint, can alleviate the resource strain and reduce the risk of errors associated with manual migrations if you couple them to comprehensive pre and post migration planning. Public Folder Migrator efficiently manages bulk migrations, all while preserving the folder hierarchy, ensuring data consistency and availability. And with your data assets moved to the SharePoint Server, you can benefit from its advanced features to enhance information sharing and document collaboration, increasing individual and team productivity.


Sergey Goncharenko Software Analyst, Quest Software, Inc. Sergey Goncharenko is a Software Analyst for Quest Software with expertise in Exchange and SharePoint solutions. Prior to joining Quest Software, he worked as a support consultant for Intermedia.NET, a U.S. Web-hosting company that also provides such services as Exchange hosting and SharePoint hosting. Sergey holds a master’s degree in mechanics and applied mathematics from Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia.
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This resource is no longer available.