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Taking Your Payroll Data from the Basement to the Board Room


View this Webcast to explore the evolution of payroll and workforce data and their value to your enterprise. Learn how you can get more out of your workforce management technology and how to link executive level objectives to workforce utilization and compensation. Explore how enterprises today are using the data to improve profits, grow their business and become employers of choice. Discover how this technology:


  • Provides a convergence of activity, output and cost.
  • Acts as an execution tool, not just a reporting process.
  • Supports larger enterprise objectives including strategic, operational and financial.


Lisa Disselkamp President & Principal Consultant, Athena Enterprises, LLC. Ms. Disselkamp is the author or Working the Clock, the first and only book focused on Workforce Management technology. Ms. Disselkamp is President of and a principal consultant with Athena Enterprises, LLC. Athena Enterprises is a consulting firm specializing in time and attendance and workforce management business practices and technology. As a former payroll professional she is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and technical resource on Payroll, HRIS, compensation, scheduling, and labor control systems leading client teams thru all phases of system selection, implementation and optimization. She has been engaged to lead multi-million dollar implementation projects impacting up to 70,000 employees in companies with billion dollar payrolls. She is a member of VISTA - Society of Industry Leaders where she serves as a consultant to industry analysts.
Sep 12, 2007, 12:00 EDT (16:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.