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Vista Readiness: Preparing for the Journey

Microsoft Windows Vista - the biggest event in five years in the PC industry is now underway. Launched for business users in November 2006 and for consumers in January 2007, Vista will eventually become a part of your world. Are you overwhelmed with what it will take to migrate? People, time, budget? When will this fit in to your strategic and operating plans? Or are you just not thinking about it and will look into it next year? No matter where you are at, Vista is going to have an impact and you need to understand what that will be on your organization. This brief provides a summary of Vista and tips on how to prepare for the journey into the Vista frontier. Whether you are running Vista PCs today or are only planning on using them in 2008, the time is now to understand what you have in your environment and what it will take to move to a Vista world.
DellEMC and Intel®
20 Mar 2008
01 Mar 2008
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This resource is no longer available.