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Introducing File Area Networks First Edition Your First Look at FAN Technology

This book contains information about File Area Networks (FANs) in general, and specific information about FANs built with Brocade products. It is also designed to be useful as a desktop reference for FAN administrators. Information from many white papers, classes, and the authors' experience has been combined to create this work.

This book is appropriate for:

  • Administrators responsible for or deploying FANs
  • Systems Engineers who design and deploy FANs
  • OEM personnel involved in selling or supporting FANs
  • Analysts needing an understanding of the FAN market
  • Network Engineers wishing to expand their skills


Josh Judd Principal Engineer, Brocade Technical Marketing, Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Josh Judd is a Principal Engineer in Brocade Technical Marketing. In addition to writing, he provides support for roadmap activities, develops new product requirements, and works directly with systems engineers, OEM partners and end users worldwide. When he first went to work for Brocade, Josh was the company’s senior IT technical resource, responsible for the architectural design of all network, server, and desktop infrastructure worldwide and escalations.
Michael O'Connor Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Michael O’Connor is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer in Brocade Technical Marketing. In addition to writing about best practices, he works on future technologies and proofs-of-concept as well as putting out fires. He also works with SEs and end-users world wide.
19 Mar 2008
01 May 2007
200 Page(s)

This resource is no longer available.