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Enterprise Strategies to Improve Application Testing: Optimized Test Environments Speed the Deployment of Reliable Applications

Princeton Softech Optim™ enables IT organizations to meet even the most complex application testing challenge by providing all the fundamental components of an effective test data management strategy:

  • Extract referentially intact subsets of data with 100 percent accuracy to create realistic test databases no matter how many tables or relationships are involved.
  • Insert or load subsets of related data to quickly build realistic test databases. Update or refresh the test data consistently to preserve the integrity of the test environment.
  • De-identify sensitive data in the test environment to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for data privacy. Transform test data to meet specific test case requirements.
  • Browse and edit test data to force error conditions and resolve problems. Reviewing data in its relational business context provides a clear vision of the data model.
  • Compare the test data before and after exercising the application to validate expected test results and identify anomalies automatically and with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Integrate test data from multiple related databases and database management systems (Oracle, DB2, DB2 UDB, Sybase, SQL Server and Informix).
  • Integrate relational and non-relational data to create a federated test environment.
  • Integrate test data management with automated testing to provide comprehensive testing capabilities.
14 Mar 2008
01 Dec 2005
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This resource is no longer available.