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Collaboration One of the Fundamental Engines of Lean Initiatives - Avoiding the Eighth Deadly Waste

A corporation's ability to address and solve problems quicker, as well as create new products or services in less time is a great competitive advantage. Unfortunately, with numerous companies going global and a variety of functions being outsourced it exacerbates the issue of developing solutions to problems when those people that touch various parts of a process are spread out across countries or continents. By implementing the use of video over IP networks, an organization can increase productivity and efficiency. This white paper details best practices for implementing video communication into an organization and highlights a number of companies that have successfully done so.


John Paul Williams Market Development Manager, Manufacturing, TANDBERG John Paul Williams, TANDBERG Market Development Manager, Manufacturing, is an experienced global operations executive leading innovations in manufacturing, quality and engineering. He has been a successful senior quality officer implementing Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma methods, including developing strategic sourcing partnerships that increased competitive advantage. One of the plants he managed was the sole winner of the North American Shingo Prize for Manufacturing Excellence.
TANDBERG, now part of Cisco
14 Mar 2008
01 Jan 2008
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This resource is no longer available.