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The New Learning Content Model: How Content Management Challenges Are Changing the Way Learning Content Is Purchased, Deployed and Managed

With dynamic learning essential to meeting an entire new era of challenges, organizations simply can't afford to base their learning budget on their best guess about who, when, and how their employees will use eLearning content. Nor can they afford to be locked into large capital expenditures for content that is quickly out of date, especially when few organizations have the in-house learning staff and IT resources to manage continual updates and version control. In addition to concerns about the currency and relevance of content, a growing number of learners reside outside corporate firewalls, raising questions about security, access, and performance. Last, but not least, with a growing content library, how can organizations scale their internal networks and support resource to effectively manage the bandwidth for a full-scale eLearning solution? Rolling out a new eLearning initiative to thousands of users can cause major issues with network availability and performance for the entire organization.

Three different models currently available to organizations seeking cost-effective solutions for dynamic learning are.

  • One-Vendor/Hosted
  • Directory Service of Packages for download
  • Content Portal
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17 Mar 2008
01 Jan 2008
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This resource is no longer available.