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An Introduction to the World Digital Asset Management Market


There is vast potential for digital asset management (DAM) solutions in the future. As the digital age is transforming day-to-day life, increasingly digital media applications are being found in every vertical market segment creating a huge amount of content and in so doing also creating the need and demand to manage these digital assets. Despite the persistence of some amount of economic sluggishness and tighter capital markets, this market has proven its viability in today's business environment. This has led companies like EMC, Apple, Oracle, IBM, HP, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems among others to also take active interest in this market either through acquisition or by creating facilitating technology platforms. Successful companies in this market will be the ones that can leverage their technologies with strategic partnerships with others in the DAM space and with vendors in complimentary markets in an effort to consolidate their core competencies to gain market share by targeting multiple verticals instead of using a niche strategy. Key competitive factors in this market include:


  • The ability to integrate with third party systems using a Web services architecture
  • Providing DAM through a SaaS model for customers looking at deploying DAM functionality without burdening internal IT
  • Modularity to provide customers with the flexibility to choose from the most relevant modules for their business processes
  • Enhanced metadata models for more refined indexing and search capabilities, especially for video
  • Highly scalable solutions to help customer future proof for increased usage
  • Conditional access and DRM integration to provide enhanced security
  • An increased number of file types/formats that can be handled by the system help customers deploy a point solution for all their asset management needs
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13 Mar 2008
01 Jan 2007
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This resource is no longer available.