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Native XML Management with Documentum


Documentum, the leader in enterprise content management, has truly embraced XML by providing an unmatched level of support. By not differentiating between the management of XML and the management of other content assets such as documents, Web content, and rich media, Documentum provides an unmatched set of capabilities. This set of capabilities, however, does not come at the price of a compromise. Instead, Documentum offers an incomparable set of functionality specific to XML, combined with powerful content management capabilities such as security, workflow, lifecycle, and library services common to all type of content. Indeed, Documentum is the only vendor delivering on the promise of enterprise content management by providing a single content management platform with a single repository for management of all types of content, including XML.


Providing a complete solution for XML content management is just one part of the strategy for helping companies successfully apply XML capabilities in their organizations. Documentum also supports the adoption of XML across many industries by actively participating in industry organizations and initiatives. Documentum has long been a leader in supporting XML as a member of OASIS,, and W3C, and a founding member of, Documentum is helping to drive the advancement of XML and related applications.

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13 Mar 2008
01 Jul 2003
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This resource is no longer available.