ENTERPRISE APPLICATION ARCHIVING: Unified Protection and Management for Enterprise Application Output

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Today easy management of and access to archives is more than compliance and governance, it is also about improving service, repurposing content, creating new revenue streams, protecting public safety and more. As a result, organizations around the world need to think strategically rather than tactically and proactively fold legacy archives into a single archive platform to improve archive management for all content types while simultaneously increasing operational efficiencies and ensuring its survival as a viable business or government agency.

Due to the importance of proactive management of content in siloed archives to help an organization improve operations, create future services or products, and comply with regulations and governance initiatives, a strategic approach to integrated content archiving with EMC should be examined. Eliminating archive management inefficiencies will have positive repercussions throughout organizations that embark on the path to unified archive management by making them more responsive, competitive, and cost effective than those that continue to manage archive silos individually.

Regardless of the industry, or market sector, the siloed archive management challenge in heterogeneous software environments transcends geopolitical boundaries and affects everyone. Resolving the issue is what EMC integrated content archiving, and specifically enterprise application archiving, will do for time and resource constrained storage administrators and should be under consideration at all organizations struggling to maintain legacy siloed archives.
EMC Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Mar 12, 2008
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