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Scribe - Equinox Fitness Case Study

Active Equinox members are managed in an application called eClub that keeps track of membership contracts, club usage, personal preferences, and service and merchandise transactions. Prospective members are managed using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which allows sales advisors to track leads from first contact through to membership purchase. Integrating the two applications using Scribe Insight helps Equinox smooth the transition from Dynamics CRM to eClub.

Tim Nugiel, Manager of Business Systems at Equinox Fitness, explains, "Dynamics CRM is a powerful tool for helping us increase member sales, but once a person joins we take advantage of many additional features in eClub to serve their ongoing fitness needs. By integrating the two applications with Scribe Insight, our membership advisors can switch applications with just the click of a mouse and all the information collected in CRM is immediately available in eClub. It's really revolutionizing how we handle members."

As soon as a new lead is created in Dynamics CRM, Scribe Insight begins updating eClub with the lead information from Dynamics CRM. Once an individual becomes an Equinox member, eClub then becomes the system of record, and all further member activity is managed within eClub. However, if changes occur such as contact information, mailing address, email, or personal preferences, Scribe Insight also recognizes these changes and synchronizes the data with Dynamics CRM.
Scribe Software Corporation
07 Mar 2008
07 Mar 2008
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Case Study

This resource is no longer available.