Transform the Internet into a Business- Ready Application Delivery Platform for Enterprise SOA Based SAP Deployments

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For today's enterprises, enterprise SOA based on SAP and the Internet provide a complementary and highly agile platform for rapidly extending the enterprise to reach customers, partners and employees in markets globally from centralized infrastructure. Unfortunately, despite its flexibility, the Internet as a network platform falls well short of providing the performance levels and consistency required by the enterprise to guarantee it can successfully enable business processes and transactions across enterprise boundaries. Rather, Internet-induced poor Web application performance blocks user adoption, lowers productivity and increases support costs.

As demonstrated by the SAPES Community ENL test results, Akamai's Web Application Accelerator managed service solution combines a global presence with an advanced suite of purpose-built, integrated acceleration technologies to unlock the performance bottleneck created by the Internet's poor routing and inefficient protocols and transform the Internet into a business-ready platform. As a result, IT can guarantee fast and reliable performance and high availability for enterprise SOA deployments delivered over the Internet to users located anywhere in the world, even when served from a single, centralized data center. Plus, the enterprise can focus on their core business and technical competencies to generate greater profitability, rather than expend capital and resources on application acceleration.
Akamai Technologies
Feb 8, 2021
Sep 1, 2007
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