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Ball Corporation: Leading Manufacturer Increases Accuracy of Business Transaction Processing by 5-10%

"As a company, we take a lot of pride in being attentive to customer needs," said Natalie Henderson, Director of IT Account Management at Ball Corporation. "When you operate in our industries, you can't just rely on your product to win over customers - you have to provide the customer with an overall experience that makes them want to continue doing business with you. One of the ways you do this is by having a more efficient supply chain than the competition." This philosophy led Ball to reevaluate its existing B2B IT environment, which was built on a legacy EDI platform. Many processes and data conversions within the supply chain were still manually driven - a cumbersome fact, given that Ball had 60 large trading partners and processed 3500 documents a day. The company saw an opportunity to streamline its business operations and began approaching vendors for a solution that would address its needs. Ball selected an integration suite and collaboration network as the ideal solutions to reduce inefficiencies within the Ball supply chain.
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05 Mar 2008
01 Aug 2007
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This resource is no longer available.