Controlling Software Complexity: The Business Case for Static Source Code Analysis

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While in principle producing highly reliable and secure software is the goal of every developer, the cost of code defects makes security and reliability mandatory. Businesses are now faced by new challenges associated with code quality, including growing business complexity, heightened competitive and market pressures and increasing demand for multi-threaded software applications. This often results in flawed software, which translates to lost sales and patch costs, creating significant financial penalties for companies.

This white paper explores the benefits associated with static source code analysis. Discover how this technology can be used to find critical defects and security vulnerabilities in C/C++ and Java source code. Learn how to automate the detection of critical defects in complex software by compiling and analyzing the code at build time. Learn how static analysis can decrease time to market and optimize developer productivity.

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Feb 8, 2021
Mar 3, 2008
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