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CDP and Virtualization: Time Travel Recovery for Virtual Servers

In the world of humans, history and events, time travel remains speculative fiction. But in the world of data, it is now possible to travel the data timeline to any prior point in time, get what you need, and return intact. There has been much anticipation about technologies like Continuous Data Protection (CDP) that allude to (but in current form have never fully realized) the possibility of returning data, quickly and easily, to a coherent state that existed at any prior point in time. Those who have adopted server virtualization are acutely aware that their virtual machines (or "VMs") are highly vulnerable to corruption, failure of physical hardware upon which the VMs reside and depend, as well as the damage they themselves may cause in trying to manage, reconfigure and move these complex virtual constructs. As a result, system administrators will most certainly wish, at some point in time, that they could go back a few minutes and undo the calamity that has just occurred. Fortunately, DataCore Software has made their wishes a reality with Traveller™ Continuous Protection and Recovery (CPR) and MakeTime Productivity software.
DataCore Software Corporation
28 Feb 2008
01 Feb 2008
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This resource is no longer available.