CA XOsoft ™ Replication r12 and CA XOsoft High Availability r12™

CA XOsoft ™ Replication r12 and CA XOsoft High Availability r12™

Product Type: Disaster Recovery & High Availability
Target User: VP/Manager of IT

IT Download Description: CA and VMware, two global software leaders, are working together and delivering an innovative cost effective approach to addressing disaster recovery and business continuity requirements. By combining best of breed technologies that remove the traditional limitations of physical infrastructures along with over the WAN data replication and failover capabilities, companies can finally achieve the freedom and flexibility to affordably extend their business continuity beyond traditional high availability and disaster recovery - achieving continuous application availability. VMware Infrastructure and CA XOsoft™ Replication r12 HA when combined together provide a powerful multi-layered disaster recovery solution that covers a wide range of contingencies. This approach enables companies to dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership for contingency planning with amazing simplicity and flexible control over their IT infrastructure.

Download size: 250MB
Terms of Trial License: 14 Day Live Trial Evaluation version of CA XOsoft™ Replication r12 + Assured Recovery or CA XOsoft High Availability r12™ + Assured Recovery. Assured Recovery allows disaster recovery testing of the replica server.

CA Technologies.
01 Feb 2008
01 Feb 2008
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