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NetDetector/NetVCR 2005 Traffic Analyzer

The NIKSUN NetDetector/NetVCR 2005 is like the "black box" on an aircraft. It collects all types of data, including packets, which can be analyzed later, when an organization suspects that some type of attack may have occurred. NIKSUN's approach to storing and making accessible all event and traffic data - all the way down to the packet level - is different from most network analysis appliances, which try to simplify the user interface and storage, but remove too much detail in the process. This leaves an experienced operator who needs packet-level detail at a disadvantage. Instead of being able to follow his own hunch by drilling deeper into the data, he's forced to trust a device's analysis instead of his own. While convenient for less experienced staff, this lack of detail presents a security risk in cases in which closer examination of traffic and events are required.


Jerry Shenk Senior Analyst, SANS Institute Jerry Shenk currently serves as Senior Analyst for the SANS Institute and is the Senior Security Analyst for D&E Communications in Ephrata, PA. Since 1984, he has consulted with companies and a variety of financial and educational institutions on issues of network design, security, forensic analysis and penetration testing. His experience spans from small home-office systems to global networks. Along with some vendor-specific certification and a CISSP certification, Jerry holds five GIAC GOLD certifications: GCIA, GCIH, GCFW, GSNA and GCFA, all completed with honors.
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01 Aug 2007
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This resource is no longer available.