Remote Server Management for Small and Mid-sized Server Rooms and Data

Remote Server Management for Small and Mid-sized Server Rooms and Data

Remote-access KVM is a simple, but powerful idea. It provides a cost-effective way to manage data centers, server rooms and branch offices from wherever the IT resources reside. The right KVM decision will give IT staff members responsive, secure, flexible, easy-to-use and cost-effective access for managing your enterprise's IT equipment in order to improve operations.

This white paper reviews this technology and its benefits, and provides common deployment and use scenarios.


Barry Nance Application Architect Barry Nance is a networking expert, magazine columnist, book author and application architect. He has 29 years experience with IT technologies, methodologies and products. Over the past dozen years, working on behalf of Network Testing Labs, he has evaluated thousands of hardware and software products for Computerworld, BYTE Magazine, Government Computer News, PC Magazine, Network Computing, Network World and many other publications. He’s authored thousands of magazine articles and three popular books: Introduction to Networking (4th Edition), Network Programming in C and Client/Server LAN Programming. He’s also designed successful e-commerce Web-based applications, created database and network benchmark tools, written a variety of network diagnostic software utilities and developed a number of special-purpose networking protocols.
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18 Jan 2008
01 Jan 2005
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