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Making Data Work: Addressing Data Quality at the Enterprise Level

Achieving and maintaining high-quality data are critical to efficient IT and business operations, as well as to the success of strategic business initiatives and to your company's long-term competitive advantage. Traditionally, data quality was addressed as part of data warehousing projects, because moving data out of operational systems into the warehouse offers an opportunity to refine the data as it is moved. As the data integration technology that powers this process has increasingly been adopted to support other initiatives - such as data migration, data consolidation, data synchronization, master data management, and outsourcing - these initiatives now offer opportunities to improve data quality.

Informatica's data quality capabilities allow organizations to analyze, standardize, validate, correct, enrich, and monitor any data source. Doing so maximizes the integrity and value of your organization's most important information assets and provides users with accurate, business-relevant information. With Informatica's data integration capabilities, this data quality functionality can be deployed across the enterprise based on the robust access, connectivity, metadata management, parallel performance, and linear scalability provided by PowerCenter, which delivers the infrastructure and processing power necessary to meet enterprise data quality requirements.
21 Jan 2008
01 Jul 2007
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This resource is no longer available.