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Executive Briefing: Information Management Strategy: Learn How Well-Run Corporations Are Addressing Information Management Today

Executives have greater responsibility today than ever before for ensuring that their organization's information assets are properly managed. Fallout from information mismanagement has reach organizations large and small - and the people that manage them. Corporations and executive management face severe consequences from their employees' misdeeds and even their mistakes- whether failing to protect private information, retain the right records, or failing to produce documents required in litigation.

Directors and officers need to rethink their role. In an information-intensive economy, proper management of this increasingly important asset leads to better customer service, employee productivity, competitive edge, and overall business success. However, when the failure of a few employees can decimate the company's reputation, wipe out billions in stock valuation, or even take the company down, directors and officers have no choice but to take action.


Barclay T. Blair Consultant and Internationally Acclaimed Speaker and Author Mr. Blair is a consultant and internationally acclaimed speaker and author specializing in the compliance, policy, and management issues of information technology. Mr. Blair advises Global 2000 companies, software and hardware vendors, and government agencies on a broad range of information management compliance issues.
Annette Weller-Collison Consultant Ms. Weller-Collison is a consultant with executive-level experience in implementing a global information management program at a major manufacturing company. Ms. Weller-Collison has experience in developing overall program strategies that include program governance, policy and retention schedule development, communication, training, implementation, discovery, and ongoing compliance.
Randolph A. Kahn Principal, Kahn Consulting, Inc. Mr. Kahn is an internationally recognized authority on the legal, compliance and policy issues of business information, electronic records, e-business processes, and information technology. As the principal of Kahn Consulting Inc., Mr. Kahn advises corporate counsels, information management and information technology professionals in both government and corporate institutions on policy issues related to the management of digital information and electronic records.
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18 Jan 2008
16 Jan 2008
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This resource is no longer available.