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Records Management and E-Discovery Assessment: Identify and Close the Gaps in Your Records Management and EDiscovery Programs

Many organizations today struggle to find, produce, and manage e-communications and e-documents for business purposes and as required for lawsuits, audits, investigations, and other formal proceedings. Accessing electronic information for lawsuits and other formal matters is commonly known as electronic discovery ("ediscovery"). E-discovery has emerged as a key challenge for companies of all sizes, across all industries.

This assessment is designed to help organizations close this gap. Rather than simply advising the client on how to better retain certain often used and mismanaged information types or how to best respond to e-discovery scenarios, this assessment focuses primarily on helping the client understand what they can do today to proactively manage their information in a way that both prepares them for ediscovery and supports their information-related business goals.


Barclay T. Blair Director of the IT Compliance Practice, Kahn Consulting Inc. Barclay T. Blair is a consultant and internationally acclaimed speaker and author specializing in the compliance, policy, and management issues of information technology. He is the co-author of several books and articles regarding compliance, and is Director of the IT Compliance Practice at Kahn Consulting, Inc.
Annette Weller-Collison Consultant Annette Weller-Collison is a consultant with experience in implementing global information management programs. Ms. Weller-Collison has experience in developing overall program strategies that include program governance, policy and retention schedule development, communication, training, implementation, discovery and ongoing compliance. Ms. Weller-Collison has a strong background in project management to aid in the implementation and ongoing institutionalization of large complex initiatives. Ms. Weller-Collison has been a speaker at industry conferences to share her methodologies on effective program management.
Jeanne Caldwell Jeanne Caldwell, CRM has over thirty years of experience as an information management consultant. She is a nationally recognized expert in records retention and information management systems. She has worked with over 100 clients to select and deploy systems for their records and information management programs. Ms. Caldwell has worked with six Olsten/Iron Mountain Award winning clients. This award is given each year to recognize outstanding records management programs. She has an M.S. degree in Librarianship and Information Management from the University of Denver.
Randolph A. Kahn Principal, Kahn Consulting, Inc. Randolph A. Kahn, Esq., is an internationally recognized authority on the legal, compliance and policy issues of business information, electronic records, e-business processes, and information technology. As fonder and principal of Kahn Consulting Inc., Mr. Kahn advises corporate counsels, information management and information technology professionals in both government and corporate institutions on policy issues related to the management of digital information and electronic records.
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18 Jan 2008
16 Jan 2008
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This resource is no longer available.