Protecting Your Business: Services and Time Critical Applications in and Cost-effective Way

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Ensuring that business operations continue regardless of any circumstance is itself big business. Whether potential disruptions come as a result of natural disasters; sabotage (malware); technical failures in data storage or networking components; or service provider shortcomings, most organizations rely on their ICT infrastructure to ensure business continuity. However, there are some sectors of business and government where the loss of operational continuity doesn't just mean lost revenues or tarnished reputations: for some, it means lives and livelihoods placed in jeopardy.

Some sectors - such as energy, transportation, defense, government and certain areas within education, finance and healthcare - have an even sharper focus on the continuity of operations and business. In these environments, continuity is founded on not only service availability, but also on service performance, defined in terms of:

  • The ability to transport and protect synchronization of time-critical information.
  • The ability to protect and integrate a plethora of voice, data or service-critical interfaces.
  • The requirement to guarantee throughput, delay and variations in delay.
  • When networks fail, recovery times measured in microseconds, rather than hundreds of milliseconds or seconds.
Feb 8, 2021
Jan 1, 2007
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