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The Top 9 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty and Engagement

Company executives always say they believe customer loyalty is the key to business success. However, customer care solutions, CRM systems, and discount programs are not enough and companies are losing customers at a staggering rate. Fostering true customer loyalty and engagement starts at the basic level.

Read this white paper to learn nine principles to guide you in your efforts to create greater loyalty and engagement within your organization. In terms of basic concepts, technologies and business outcomes, these principles will allow you to:

  • Engage customers with dialog to enhance feedback management.
  • Manage large volumes of customer data and create actionable information.
  • Tie the latest soft measures, such as satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement, to hard measures of actual business outcomes.
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    Kyle LaMalfa Best Practices Manager & Loyalty Expert, Allegiance Kyle LaMalfa helps Allegiance clients fine tune and optimize their customer, employee, and feedback engagement processes to align closely with idealized standards. LaMalfa has been analyzing data professionally since 1996. Along with undergraduate degrees in mathematics and economics, LaMalfa will complete a master's degree in statistics in 2007. His professional experience includes time as a software quality engineer for a large financial services company, a data warehouse engineer at a mountain resort, a freelance consultant for local businesses, and the lead statistician for a market research company. Throughout his career, LaMalfa has worked with managers and executives to answer business questions using statistical data and research. Problem solving specialties include customer/employee attrition, customer/employee engagement, data mining and predictive modeling.
    10 Jan 2008
    01 Dec 2007
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    This resource is no longer available.