An Executive Approach to Strategic HR

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Executives watch both time and capital slip away while they plod through payroll, benefits management, and other HR tasks. Nearly half the owners and entrepreneurs recently surveyed reported that time spent on administrative duties represented their greatest dissatisfaction with their current HR procedure.¹ This time is often spent writing paychecks, negotiating with benefits providers, and updating employee records. Once executives consider the value of their time in relation to the value of these tasks, they often realize they are wasting potential earnings on areas that could be easily accomplished by a team of HR professionals. However, most small business owners cannot afford and do not need a team of HR professionals in-house, so they end up doing the work themselves.

There is an alternative.

Instead of squandering resources on administrivia, executives can transform HR into a competitive advantage by outsourcing or streamlining non-strategic HR. This provides increased focus on strategic HR.

This article discusses the key areas of HR that provide strategic impact and therefore merit an executive's time and attention. All other aspects of HR are administrative matters in nature and could easily become the province of an outsourced HR provider.
Feb 8, 2021
Oct 3, 2007
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