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Scalable Mid-Range Storage Solution

The BlueArc Titan 1100 model designed to extend the market reach and enterprise scalability by joining the Titan 2100, Titan 2200 and Titan 2500 family of products. The 1100 will bring new value and performance to smaller and mid-size businesses, along with both remote and branch office capability. The Titan 1100 enables a more cohesive end-to-end enterprise storage infrastructure strategy when combined with the rest of Titan family of products. The new 1100 provides a competitive enterprise edge product to the Titan Series and enables a lower market acquisition point that leverages the same extensible architecture allowing seamless growth over time.

The Titan 1100 model address three significant customer pain points – lower customer acquisition entry point for midrange storage, introduces the ability to satisfy the needs of remote and branch offices, and extends the Titan product family allowing for a more comprehensive end-to end enterprise storage strategy that extends out well beyond the corporate data center to better address the organizational and departmental needs of different workgroups and locations.

Targeting specific market needs for capacity, performance and high availability clustering the Titan 1100 provides exceptional value. Designed for customers that start small and want an architecture that allows them to scale with the business over time. The Titan 1100 carries all the core enterprise software features as the Titan 2000 series with an ability to scale lower and provide a better entry price for first time customers. The 1100 model shares the same modular 4-blade chassis as the Titan 2000 series and uses the same firmware release versions.

BlueArc Corp.
14 Dec 2007
01 Oct 2007
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This resource is no longer available.