D2D Backup and Data Deduplication: Lowering the Costs of Business Continuity

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New technologies are emerging that help organizations with their backup, lower costs and achieve overall better management. Two of these technologies are Disk-to-Disk backup and Data Deduplication.

This Webcast examines how D2D backup and data deduplication can lower the costs of business continuity while dramatically improving overall data protection strategies. W. Curtis Preston, one of the industry's most renowned experts on backup, will explain why D2D has become a "no-brainer" for solving today's hottest business continuity challenges.

This Webcast discusses the growing importance of data deduplication as an enabling technology that leverages cost-effective VTLs and other disk appliances to identify and eliminate redundant data.

Get expert insight from W. Curtis Preston as he demystifies disk-based backup and data de-dupe misconceptions by answering questions, such as:

  • Why is D2D2T so hot?
  • What's the best way to deploy D2D2T?
  • How do I size my backup system?
  • Why should I evaluate data deduplication now?
  • And more

Overland Storage
Oct 17, 2007, 09:00 EDT (13:00 GMT)
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