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Green IT and True TCO: A Simple Model for Data Centers

The rising costs of power and cooling are changing the economics of IT, driving CIOs to optimize their data centers with green technology. While migrating to energy efficient IT products is ultimately a cost-saving endeavor, there is still some confusion over what this migration actually entails. Attend this expert Webcast to learn about the existing and future technologies in the green environment and the factors that CIOs must consider before investing in these new technologies.

This expert Webcast presents a TCO Calculator that can allow you to optimize data center operating expenses across IT, network and facility functions. Learn more about leveraging green technologies to increase cost savings in your organization, including:

  • Common obstacles CIOs face when investing in green technology
  • Strategic advantages green technology provides
  • Realties of creating a green data center and a new culture


Ken Brill Founder and Executive Director, Uptime Institute Kenneth G. Brill is the founder and Executive Director of the Uptime Institute, a respected provider of educational and consulting services for Facilities and IT organizations interested in maximizing data center uptime. He is also founder of the 100-corporate member Site Uptime Network. He recently contributed to research that has shown data centers consumed 1% of total US electrical power production in 2000, growing to 2 percent by 2005 and has predicted growth to reach 3-4 percent by 2010.
Nov 1, 2007, 09:00 EDT (13:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.