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Simplifying Data Centers & Networks by Creating a Virtual Infrastructure Layer

Virtualization in the data center is nothing new. To take the virtualized data center environment to the next level, the virtualization of the physical connectivity infrastructure layer (switching, patch panels and cabling) needs to be addressed.

Everyday data center teams are addressing the challenges of virtualization, going green, consolidation, high availability, and automation by adding, changing or removing equipment daily.

Virtualization the data center is helping. But, many virtualized solutions focus on provisioning, managing and monitoring applications, servers, network equipment, and storage-assuming that the physical layer is designed with ample connectivity, bandwidth, and the necessary degree of fault tolerance. Unfortunately, as data centers grow and change, that's not always the case.

A virtual infrastructure layer can help your organization adapt to the dynamic needs of a virtualized data center, providing a more secure environment by enabling a hands-off approach to managing the network.

This Webcast provides an overview of the technology as well as its benefits, including:

  • Automated and secure equipment additions, moves or changes;
  • Hands-off data center management;
  • Reduction in malicious and/or unintentional security breaches;
  • Reduced network bottlenecks and load balancing insight;
  • Integrated and scalable monitoring and diagnostics;
  • Redundant failover paths for critical data connections;
  • Virtual fences to segregate and isolate network ports;

View this Webcast to learn how a virtualized infrastructure layer (VIL) enables organizations to achieve an automated and simplified physical layer infrastructure to improve the availability, manageability, and performance of IT environments.

Register for this Webcast now to learn how to get on the path to an end-to-end virtualized data center.


Larry Cantwell Vice President and CTO With over 17 years of experience, Larry Cantwell has held engineering leadership positions in networking and storage industries in companies such as IBM, General Electric, CNT Corporation, Tacit Networks and Packeteer Corporation. Larry holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from R.I.T. and an MBA from Rutgers University where he currently teaches as an adjunct professor. Larry holds several patents for switching advancements.
OnPATH Technologies
Nov 6, 2007, 14:00 EST (19:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.