Choosing the Best CRM for Your Organization

Choosing the Best CRM for Your Organization


CRM buyers now have a wealth of deployment options available to them, providing unprecedented flexibility, cost-efficiency and business value. This gives organizations the power to fine-tune CRM deployments to match their needs, strategic objectives and budget requirements. But with choice comes complexity. Not only must executives carefully analyze their business scenarios, they must also understand the different characteristics of the available products. This white paper describes and analyzes the four most popular deployment scenarios, then offers a guide to choosing the best CRM solution to meet your organization's needs based on functionality, application integration features, customization capabilities and your budget, so you can meet your company's needs today and support your business as it grows and evolves.


Paul Gillin Paul Gillin has chronicled the information technology revolution since the dawn of the PC era. He joined Computerworld as a staff writer in 1982 and served as senior software editor at PC Week and founding news editor at Digital Review before returning to Computerworld in 1987. In 1999, he became the sixth employee at a startup soon renamed TechTarget, where he engineered its transition into a leading source of original news and technical advice. He now operates his own firm, helping technology companies connect with their customers through quality content and innovative communications strategies.
Oracle Corporation
26 Sep 2007
01 Sep 2007
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