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Making Backups Easier Than Ever For Small and Medium Sized Businesses

With constant backup complexities, growing data volumes and increasing operating costs, the need for tape automation is now more critical than ever in SMBs. Fortunately, there is a tape automation platform that meets these needs and addresses the everyday challenges that these businesses face.

This Webcast highlights a solution that can simplify backup processes for SMBs and improve management. View this Webcast to learn more.

If your business is struggling to keep up with today's increasing storage demands, this Webcast will provide you with the information you need to get your company on the right track.

View this Webcast to learn more about a solution that is designated to simplify backups for any SMB with features that include:

  • Ease of use with no need for a dedicated tape expert
  • Scalability for data growth
  • Serviceability with proactive remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Support for disk-based backup

By attending this Webcast, you will be automatically entered to win a Quantum GoVault Removable Disk Drive.


Todd Farley Product Manager, Tape Automation, Quantum
Quantum Corporation
Sep 24, 2007, 09:00 EDT (13:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.