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Disaster Recovery -- It's All About the Data!

Unfortunately these days, it's not a question of if a disaster will hit - it's when will a disaster hit. It's important for every organization to have a solid grasp on disaster recovery and an effective strategy for when a disaster occurs.

In this Webcast, storage expert Bill Peldzus from GlassHouse Technologies, covers the major concepts of disaster recovery - including definitions of key terms and exploration of storage, infrastructure, and data center architectures and concepts.

In this Webcast, learn about best practices in the area of disaster recovery that will either help you kick-start a new DR plan, or help validate the plan you already have implemented.

View this Webcast, featuring Bill Peldzus, Director of Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery & Data Center at GlassHouse Technologies, for a deep understanding of:

  • Recovery time and recovery point objectives
  • Replication schemas
  • Important issues when planning a recovery strategy
  • The difference between operational and disaster recovery
  • Tips for success, including testing techniques
  • Other recovery recommendations and experiences based upon real client engagements

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Bill Peldzus Director, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery & Data Center, GlassHouse Technologies, Inc.
Fujitsu America, Inc.
Aug 1, 2007, 09:00 EDT (13:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.