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NetFlow Tracker is a solution that uses Cisco IOS NetFlow and IPFIX information for in-depth LAN/WAN and application troubleshooting, trend analysis and capacity planning.

This real time monitoring of NetFlow and IPFIX data allows network managers to have the detailed information necessary to identify, isolate and troubleshoot network performance issues.

Key Features:
  • Traffic Identification - using modular QoS on existing routers or Packeteer installations, Tracker will record and display traffic identification provided by deep packet inspection.
  • Executive summaries - customized, multi-item reports that can be tailored to the intended audience.
  • Pie charts - a new view of existing report information that offers more freedom through interactive, context-sensitive menus.
  • Customizable home page - in conjunction with executive summaries, each user can be assigned a default start page with actual data instead of the default options menu.
  • Archiving - expired real-time data can be archived to another storage system and can be remounted for reporting purposes.
  • Full coverage - every flow record, per minute, up to the last two minutes - is captured.
    Fluke Networks
    Feb 8, 2021
    Jul 1, 2007
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