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Beyond NAS: High Performance Workflow and Digital Archiving

ESG Research indicates that the volume of unstructured data will grow ten-fold over the next five years. Keeping all this data online, shareable and accessible will be a burden for storage managers and one that will test the limits of a NAS deployment.

A clustered file system with integrated storage management delivers high performance data access and reliability while controlling long term storage costs through transparent data movement. View this Webcast to discover the advantages of this solution - validated by the ESG lab.

When workflow and data sharing processes require higher throughputs (especially per-stream throughputs) than NAS can offer, clustered file systems can help. To cost effectively retain this data, integrated storage management is critical.

Brian Garrett, Technical Director of ESG Lab, walks you through his research, validating the performance advantage of StorNext's LAN and SAN data sharing capabilities. He dives into the embedded data movement and de-duplication technology that helps reduce the cost of retaining ever growing data stores.

Learn how this field tested and reliable data management software provides:

  • Cost optimized access & availability
  • Capacity savings
  • Simplified service

View this webcast today.


Brian Garrett Technical Director, ESG Lab Nathan Moffitt Product Marketing Manager, Software, Quantum
Quantum Corporation
Jun 18, 2007, 09:00 EDT (13:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.