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How to Succeed at Unit Testing

In this Tech Talk Alberto Savoia, CTO of Agitar Software explains how his early experiences with agile development at Google turned him into an evangelist for unit and developer testing, but also made him realize that, without some automation, most developer testing initiatives are bound to fail. View this Tech talk to learn how unit testing improves agile development and how automation helps all types of developers succeed at testing better and faster.

Savoia discusses in this Tech Talk that when it comes to unit testing their own code, developers fall into one of three categories: a minority of developers are easily convinced and become "test-infected" almost immediately; most developers require more convincing but eventually become test-infected (at least temporarily); and a significant number seem to be immune to test infection and resist the very idea of testing.


Alberto Savoia CTO, Senior VP of R&D, and Cofounder of Agitar Software, Inc. Alberto Savoia is cofounder and CTO of Agitar Software. Throughout his career, including during prior stints at Google and Sun, Alberto has been a passionate pioneer of developer testing and test automation. His products, research, and testing evangelism have won him numerous prestigious awards, including: The Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award, multiple Jolt Awards, JavaOne's Duke Award. Alberto has also been recognized by InfoWorld as one of the 25 most influential CTOs.
Agitar Software
08 Jun 2007
Jun 8, 2007, 09:00 EDT (13:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.