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Email Archiving and the Law

An effective email archiving initiative starts with effective management decisions. CIO's need to determine what regulations to focus on, how to ensure compliance and what technology requirements need to be addressed up front. Attend this expert Podcast to learn ten essential decisions CIOs need to consider to ensure efficient email data backup and storage. Then download its companion Podcast to learn why CIOs considering email archiving need to look past compliance issues and focus on the impact electronic discovery and litigation have on email archiving.

Listen to this Podcast for a guide on how CIOs can achieve the highest business productivity by keeping up-to-date with e-mail archiving, data backup and storage, compliance regulations and litigation. Learn about the legal ramifications electronic discovery and litigation pose on email archiving and how they impact IT strategies.


Mark Diamond President and CEO, Contoural Mark Diamond is one of the industry thought leaders in electronic document retention strategies and practices. His company, Contoural, helps companies reduce risk, ensure compliance and lower costs related to saving email. A frequent industry speaker, Diamond addresses how organizations can develop sensible, workable and cost-effective electronic document retention policies. Diamond sits on the board of advisors for several high technology companies.
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06 Jun 2007
Jun 7, 2007

This resource is no longer available.