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Yankee Group: Consolidating Branch Office Infrastructure Optimizes Information Management and Protection

This Yankee Group report describes the primary areas to evaluate as you consider consolidating your branch office IT operations. Key technology requirements include high scalability, performance, reliability, security, and integration. This report also provides recommendations on how to execute an effective branch office consolidation plan.

Overview: Managing the distributed IT environment has proven to be challenging, time-consuming and costly. This has led some businesses to consider consolidating IT resources in a central location or data center and serving distributed sites with services over the WAN. Many organizations can point to successful data center consolidation projects that improved server and storage utilization rates and reduced IT costs. The next phase of infrastructure consolidation is under way and promises to dwarf the financial and operational benefits that enterprises achieved with their data center consolidation projects.

Remote- and branch-office server and storage consolidation takes the benefits of data center consolidation and spreads them across the entire distributed enterprise. However, the key to achieving the benefits is to smartly deploy application acceleration and WAN optimization to address the technology obstacles of the branch and remote office (see Exhibit 1). Without a solution for optimizing application performance and the WAN, branch- and remote-office consolidation projects are destined to fail. Download and read the full report now.


George Hamilton
30 Apr 2007
01 Feb 2006
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This resource is no longer available.