Going Beyond Email: Marketing Software with Targeted In-Product Messaging

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Because email is relatively inexpensive and easy to both produce and distribute, it has become the most popular and ubiquitous vehicle for marketing applications, with software vendors flooding the inboxes of prospects and customers each day with news of new products, releases, and promotional offers. With the growing sophistication of spam-blocking software and increasing governmental legislation regulating email marketing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Product Managers to successfully market via email.

This white paper examines the problems with using email as a marketing tool and discusses a new vehicle for promoting software, called targeted in-product messaging. In-product messaging has the ability to allow for direct, targeted, exclusive email messaging, to help convert evaluators to customers and ultimately help you reach revenue targets.
Macrovision, makers of AdminStudio 
Feb 8, 2021
Apr 1, 2007
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