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BPM - The Next Stage For Continuous Process Improvement - Podcast

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) programs like Six Sigma and Lean have created over 100 billion dollars in savings and unleashed breakthrough opportunities in businesses and organizations of all sizes and types. But for many reasons, these methodologies have for the most part been implemented independent of enterprise information systems, severely limiting the reach and effectiveness of CPI. But now, Business Process Management (BPM) solutions are uniting the capabilities of process management platforms and CPI methods, enabling organizations to dramatically extend the best practices of CPI across their enterprise and throughout their value chains.

BPM leverages a new implementation paradigm, one based on business-IT collaboration, development with little or no code, and the built-in assumption of continual change. This Mediacast describes how to extend BPM to meet the needs of high-volume mission-critical processes and enterprise deployment.


Bruce Williams Vice President and General Manager, BPM Solutions, webMethods Mr. Williams has more than 25 years of professional experience, including training, software, technology and aerospace systems. Previously, Mr. Williams served as President of Savvi International, a company specializing in business performance improvement through the application of Six Sigma, Lean, and Process Management techniques. He also co-founded the Six Sigma Management Institute (SSMI), which he took public and served as its Chief Executive for four years. Mr. Williams was also a member of the technical team that developed and launched the Hubble Telescope.
Software AG/webMethods, Inc
17 Apr 2007
Apr 19, 2007, 09:00 EDT (13:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.