Creating and Managing Virtual Hard Disks

Creating and Managing Virtual Hard Disks

This on-demand demonstration of products, techniques and processes, features independent virtualization expert Anil Desai presenting a synchronized fluid screen capture of his desktop as he introduces IT pros to using virtual hard disks.'s expert screencasts take education to another level. Rather than writing about technologies, screencasts demonstrate them to you. Screencasts are online product demonstrations with explanatory voice-over from an independent expert. These step-by-step demonstrations highlight features and functionalities of the specific technology being discussed.

In this step-by-step, automated screencast, expert Anil Desai shows how to create new virtual hard disks, configure virtual machine disk controllers and attach and maintain virtual hard disks. See why the flexibility of virtual hard disks (VHDs) makes virtual machines so attractive. Compared to their physical counterparts, VHDs can:

  • Be created in, added to and removed from a virtual machine quickly and easily
  • Support various configurations that can allow you to use physical disk space more efficiently


Anil Desai Independent consultant Anil Desai, an independent consultant based in Austin, TX, specializes in evaluating, implementing, and managing IT solutions. He has worked with Microsoft's Server products, the .NET development platform and managed environments that support thousands of virtual machines. Anil holds numerous certifications and is a Microsoft MVP (Windows Server - Virtualization). He is the author of technical books on the Windows Server Platform, Virtualization, Active Directory, SQL Server, and IT management.
Apr 16, 2007, 09:00 EDT (13:00 GMT)

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