A Guide to SOA Implementation

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The information overload on SOA is largely on describing the merits of SOA, principles of SOA and the vast variety of products intended to address SOA needs. There is, however, an acute dearth of information on SOA implementation to bridge the gap between wanting to get started and actually deploying a game plan where the rubber hits the road. This document is written to help fill that gap.

Separating hype from reality, distilling the essential from the desirable, explicitly addressing the how-to, nuts and bolts of an SOA implementation are the topics addressed in this document. It's about getting going, showing investors the incremental rewards of SOA adoption and continuing on the narrow path that links deployment of technology with business goals.

Whether you are contemplating SOA or actually committed and well along the way, a back to basics checklist is a good thing to have.
Torry Harris Business Solutions
Feb 8, 2021
Jan 1, 2006
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