Managing Instant Messaging for Business Advantage: Phase Two - Protecting against IM Threats

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The ubiquity of consumer-grade, public instant messaging clients and the emergence of enterprise IM servers has challenged IT organizations to develop management policies that deal with the corporate IM landscape as it exists today, while planning for the deployment of emerging presence-based technologies tomorrow.

This white paper provides a four phase approach for effectively managing the risks and costs associated with the corporate use of IM. Download this white paper today and learn more about how this four phase approach can help your company:

  • Secure instant messages and defend against real-time security threats
  • Establish an effective IM usage policy
  • Assess current IM usage and determine a long-term IM security strategy
  • Understand evolving IM security threats
  • And much more

Don't let IM threats take control of your company's messages and read this white paper now.
Symantec Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Jan 1, 2006
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