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Countdown: Top 5 Most Important Questions to Ask Endpoint Security Vendors

After the endpoint security assessment is over and it's time to go talk to vendors, how can you tell between a song and a dance, and what you can truly expect out of a product?

Listen to Opus One's Joel Snyder outline the essential questions to ask prospective vendors when assembling an endpoint security product RFP. Specific points of emphasis include basic product functions, guest users and network management infrastructure integration.


Joel Snyder Senior Partner, Opus One

Joel is a speaker at our security seminars: Joel has been working with networks and information security since 1981, when he started consulting on X.25 and public key cryptography, and he's been very busy ever since. He has been a member of the ISO and ITU committees which write network standards, has authored several books and hundreds of articles. He was the conference director for VPNCON, and has advised and trained thousands of people privately and at conferences around the world on networking, security, messaging, and VPNs. His home network has run almost every protocol you can think of, and he regularly changes his WEP keys.

As an author and speaker, he's received numerous awards, recognizing his work to improve enterprise IT. He's helped over 200 private and public organizations (many of which you've heard of) with their networking, email, and security problems.

Symantec Corporation
16 Mar 2007
Mar 20, 2007, 09:00 EDT (13:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.